A Statement from the South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition – January 2020

People gathered outside of San Jose City Hall with signs protesting US-backed coup in Bolivia
Photo by Len Tsou: November 2019

The South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition condemns the presence of US troops in the Middle East.

American troops in the region have been a plague to the Iranian and Iraqi people causing them nothing but death and destruction. The policy of the US government is one of war crimes.

In Iran, the US government starves the Iranian people of food and medicine through the use of sanctions. Our government’s policies deny them a sense of human dignity and sovereignty as it overthrew their government and assassinated their leaders. The bellicosity of the imperialist elite compelled the Trump regime to tear up the Iran nuclear deal in order to ramp up imperial aggression. All of these crimes were done against our will.

The US military’s presence in Iraq resulted in the deformities of children as it injected their land with depleted uranium – a war crime. Sanctions in Iraq killed half a million children. Imperialist aggression culminated in the seizure of oil by American and Western capitalists. American imperialists terrorize innocent Iraqis for their greed.

Knowing this history we openly oppose US imperialism in the Middle East. Invading these countries and stealing their resources for the pursuit of profit is a violation of international law. Due to over thirty years of US presence in the region, the people in the United States are feeling the consequences. We have neither healthcare nor a free college education, our rent is ever-increasing, our roads are crumbling, our lives are deteriorating. The bourgeois government uses our tax dollars to bomb brown people. Instead the money should be used to provide us with the services we need and, more importantly, to repay the countries our government destroyed.

Both the Democrats and Republicans have blood on their hands for the policies in the Middle East. The American empire lusts for profit. The only way to stop further acts of aggression is for the American people to rise up and demand these acts of violence stop!

We encourage the people of San Jose to get involved with the South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition or our partner organizations. The only way for these atrocities to stop is for us, the people, to demand them to stop. We must do so in solidarity with all people around the world. These imperialist wars will stop when we link arms with the oppressed and the marginalized. The South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition envisions a peace without the oppression of nations, a peace without annexations of other countries, a peace without plunder, and a peace without the governments planting seeds of war. We can create this world if all of us demand it!

Contact: anti-imperialist-south-bay@yandex.com

Next Meeting: Sunday February 2, 2020 4:30PM to 6:30PM 48 S. 7th Street San Jose, CA 95112

This statement reflects the values of the South Bay Anti-Imperialist Coalition. Please contact them directly for comments or concerns.

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