Community Discussion: Abolition 101

Abolish ICE. Abolish the police. Abolish prisons. When I hear the word abolish used in this way, it sounds like a destructive term. While abolitionism is about dismantling oppressive institutions and systems, it is also about BUILDING different avenues to support collective thriving and models to represent how we want…


Help plan for the future of San Fernando Street!

The Bike and Pedestrian Program of the City of San José Department of Transportation is seeking input from the community regarding the planning process for updates to San Fernando Street in downtown San José that will be constructed over the next few years. This preliminary survey will influence how the project will move forward, so make your voice heard!


CAIR and SV De-Bug Solidarity Statement

In solidarity with our community members impacted by police violence in Santa Clara County, the San José Peace and Justice Center condemns the San José Police Department’s (SJPD) oppressive actions towards Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, and all People of Color; inclusive of those who may not identify with society’s normative sexual and gender identities, economic status, abilities and disabilities, religious beliefs and disbeliefs, and immigration status.


Community Correspondence Email 5/6/2020

Click here to check out our most recent email! As we remain physically separated, the Center is inviting more community groups into our network and nourishing connections with groups currently affiliated with us. SIGN UP HERE to receive future Community Correspondence emails! If you have any ideas for online events,…


California Youth Climate Strike

This Earth Day, California Youth Climate Strike is celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day through a three-day program of climate action. They will be conducting teach-ins, fireside chats, Q&A panels, and more from Wednesday, April 22nd to Friday, April 24th. Due to COVID-19, all actions will be held online.…


Coronavirus’ “Letter To Humanity”

A poem by Vivienne R Reich The earth whispered but you did not hear.The earth spoke but you did not listen.The earth screamed but you turned her off. And so, I was born… I was not born to punish you…I was born to awaken you… The earth cried out for…