06:00 pm - 09:00 pm

2nd annual fundraiser for Latinos United for a New America (LUNA)

Since 2013, LUNA has been at the foreground of creating spaces to uplift the voices of latin@ workers, renters and immigrants in order to improve the lives of people living in neighborhoods like Santee and Tropicana in East San Jose and create a democracy that works for all.

The event will bring key partners and participants together to celebrate the mission and impact of LUNA programs. Guests will enjoy good food, live music, and hear impactful stories from residents of this area who are working hard to create a better life for all.

In 2018, LUNA surpassed its fundraising goal from individuals like you and helped pay for campaigns that included reclaiming land for the purpose of a community park on Midfield Avenue and Havana Drive. This year’s LUNADA proceeds will be used to help pay for a community led effort towards an accurate count of the 2020 Census, and the increase of voter registration and turnout in the 2020 elections.

For tickets RSVP to the Eventbrite link below. Info: 408-466-2722

Accessibility information has not been provided for this event.

Latinos United for a New America
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Mexican Heritage Plaza
1700 Alum Rock Avenue
San Jose, California 95116

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