Trade Wars-Workers & Job Caught in the Crossfire, A Conversation with Jack Rasmus

07:00 pm - 08:00 pm

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Although Donald "Tariff Man" Trump's trade war with China is somewhat on hold while the two sides return to the negotiating table, it is clear that economists from left to right fear the repercussions of the international trade dispute and, in particular, Trump's imposition of massive tariffs on goods arriving from China. And most of them think the fallout won't really be felt until sometime in 2019.

And then there's the "New NAFTA". While not a lot has been changed in the three country accord - it still favors corporations over workers and the environment - there were some notable changes that were made, and some notable changes that were not made. As Public Citizen's Lori Wallach put it, "the NAFTA 2.0 text signed on November 30 revealed improvements for which progressives have long campaigned, the addition of damaging terms that we oppose, and critical unfinished business." Since Congress will have to approve the new NAFTA terms, now

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