Solidarity: No to Coup in Venezuela!

12:30 pm - 01:30 pm

The Trump government. is supporting a right-wing coup attempt in Venezuela.Join us on Saturday to say Hands off Venezuela -- No Coup!

Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity! Solidarity! No Coup d'état in Venezuela!

On May 20, 2018, Venezuela held their election for President, as mandated by the constitution. The main opposition to President Nicolas Madura was the Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD). As the election drew near MUD was in chaos and divided over a unified platform and candidate. Unable to come to an agreement they decided to boycott the election. Nicolas Madura garnered 6.2 million votes (67%), and his closest opponent, Henri Falcon, garnered 1.9 million votes (20%).

On January 10, 2019, Nicolas Maduro was inaugurated for his second, 6 year term as President of Venezuela. Twelve days later, US Vice President Mike Pence made a public announcement that the US would NOT recognize President Maduro as the legitimate President of Venezuela, and instead recognize Juan Guaido, President of the National Assembly, as Interim President. The United States announced publicly to the world, a Venezuelan Coup d' état.

Venezuela is sitting on the largest oil deposits on the planet. Since the 1999 election of Hugo Chavez, Venezuela has remained independent from Washington's economic and political control. After Chavez's death in 2013, and since Maduro's election, Washington's master plan has been to sabotage the Bolivarian Socialist Revolution by inflicting harsh sanctions on the people of Venezuela. Coupled with the catastrophic drop in oil prices, the master planners are hoping the crippling sanctions will deepen the suffering and frustration of the people enough that they will turn against President Maduro. Monumental food and medical shortages is the humanitarian strategy of criminals. The master planners of the Coup are National Security Advisor, John Bolton; Special Envoy to Venezuela, Elliott Abrams; Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo; and Vice President, Mike Pence.

Join us as we protest to show our Solidarity with the people of Venezuela and President, Nicolas Maduro. Let's show our community that there is opposition to this Coup and support for the independence of Venezuela!

BRING YOUR OWN SIGN THAT SPECIFICALLY SUPPORTS THE THEME OF THE PROTEST: Hands Off Venezuela! No Coup d'état in Venezuela! Venezuelan Oil For Venezuela! Sanctions Harm the People of Venezuela! CIA Out Of Venezuela! Maduro, Legitimate President of Venezuela! etc.

Please Distribute!

Accessibility information has not been provided for this event.

One Voice, San Jose Peace & Justice Center, San Jose Code Pink, Green Party of Santa Clara County


Valley Fair / Santana Row
Stevens Creek & Winchester
San Jose / Santa Clara, California

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