TVC Learning Club

02:00 pm - 05:00 pm

Tech Workers Coalition invites you to a learning club discussion of labor conditions of temps, vendors, and contractors (TVCs).

Tech companies (and the economy as a whole) have increasingly outsourced it’s workforce to temps (via staffing agencies), vendors, and contractors ("TVCs"). This is done in the name of cutting costs, increasing flexibility, limiting financial risk, and ultimately maximizing profits and appealing to shareholders. However, these corporate gains come at the expense of reduced wages, benefits, and job security for workers.

This learning club will discuss the tech industry’s practice of using contingent workers, it’s relation to increasing economic inequality, and alternate employment models which would be less exploitive and more aligned with the values and needs of most tech workers.

Accessibility information has not been provided for this event.

Tech Workers Coalition


San Jose Peace & Justice Center
48 S. 7th St.
San Jose, California 95112

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