12:30 pm - 02:00 pm

The world has witnessed the complete failure of the US coup attempt in Venezuela, planned by Trump, Bolton, Pence Pompeo, and Abrams.

On Saturday, March 16, people from across the nation will converge on Washington DC, to say, "HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!" The popular mobilization of the Venezuelan people, their global State allies, and supporters worldwide have come together with a united voice to say, "HANDS OFF VENEZUELA!". The enemies of the Venezuelan people have not given up, and their latest attack has taken down their electrical grid, nationwide. Under the leadership of President, Maduro, the Venezuelan people are strong and organized, and they will continue to fight for their right of self determination.

Join us as we show our our community that there is local solidarity with the sovereignty of Venezuela!

Limited signs provided, or bring your own using the theme of this gathering:

  • Hands Off Venezuela!
  • No Coup In Venezuela!
  • Venezuela Oil For Venezuela!
  • CIA Out Of Venezuela!
  • Maduro, Legitimate President Of Venezuela
  • End The Sanctions!

The Peace Corner, corner of Stevens Creek Blvd. & Winchester Blvd., Santa Clara.

One Voice!, Code Pink, SJPJC


corner of Winchester Blvd.
Stevens Creek Blvd
San Jose, California

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