Discuss The Collapse of Western Civilization by Oreskes and Conway

06:30 pm - 08:00 pm

Climate Change is a social justice issue and a coming crisis. Are we willing to deal with it?

"A Chilling view of what our history could be. Ignore it an it becomes more likely. Read this book, heed its warning, and perhaps we can avoid its dire predictions." Timothy Wirth, vice chairman of UN Fndn & former US Senator and Member, US House of Reps. (from the back cover)

" This book is in the spirit of George Orwell and Aldous Huxley and all the writers who have turned to prophecy in the attempt to ward off an oncoming disaster."

A quote from page 36: A key attribute of the period was that power did not reside in the hands of those who understood the climate system, but rather in political, economic and social institutions that had a strong interest in maintaining the use of fossil fuels.

The book is a short 3 chapters, fewer than 80 pages. Reading it is one thing. Discussing it another. Join us.

ADA accessible

Climate Change Book Club (Campbell Library)
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