Local Peace Economy Working Group

10:30 am - 12:30 pm

Our 2nd working group meeting for local peace economy!!

Bring a plant and plant a plant in our front yard and help us grow local peace economy at Collins House. Please bring your gloves and any tools you think might help. We will be focusing on the front yard and plan with those present. Planters are also welcome if you have any you want to get rid of.

To start, the project will be a community garden/food project. Monthly we will meet to garden; do poetry, celebrate a zine created by community (educating about houseless resources, conversations, how to help, etc.) and use the allotted time to connect and organize the many social justice organizations who are in the house, into one community morning to support chipping away at status quo and build strong community that heals, educates, builds inner strength and shares love and solidarity.

More details to follow...

To learn more about accessibility, see https://sanjosepeace.wordpress.com/2019/01/16/collins-house-accessibility/.

For childcare or other access needs, please email coordinator@sanjosepeace.org.

San Jose Peace and Justice Center and Code Pink San Jose


San Jose Peace & Justice Center
48 S. 7th St.
San Jose, California 95112

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