Introductions – 2017 Office Team Interns

I am honored to have my first set of interns this semester (Spring 2017). After a bumpy start, they are all working hard on different projects for the Center. They are all hard workers and talented in many ways. This semester is going by too fast but I know they all have a bright future ahead of them. From social media research to a movie night to an upcoming Open House, they are helping the Center with many projects and tasks. The movie night is on April 13th from 7 to 9 pm: Rosewater. Look soon for information about the Open House on May 4th.

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Immigration Training Cements Intern's Interest – by GM

This blog was written by GM, a spring 2017 intern at San Jose Peace and Justice Center after attending Immigration in the era of Trump training. Before becoming a student at San Jose State University, I didn’t know what I wanted to major in. Over the course of my academic…


SJPD Crush Youth Protest on J20 by Sharat G. Lin

Three mass actions of nonviolent resistance to newly-inaugurated President Donald Trump in San José, California brought about very different police responses. The Riseup for Justice march on January 20, 2017 (nearly a thousand participants) and the Women's March on January 21, 2017 (estimated at 30,000) proceeded completely peacefully. However, the Disrupt J20 march by youths on January 20 (fifty participants) was met without warning by brutal police force resulting in three arrests and dispersal of the crowd.


Super Bowl 50: Super Militarization and Super Inequality by Sharat G. Lin

The most expensive single sports game on Earth kicked off under unprecedented militarization of the police and the highest levels of inequality since the Great Depression. As the biggest sporting game in the United States, thousands of law enforcement and security personnel from nearly every conceivable agency have converged on…


SJPJC Interns for 2015!

  Hi, I am Patrice! I am currently taking a break from Sonoma State University from majoring in Political science. I was born in San Jose, but have lived in many places including Sacramento, Maryland and South Korea. I would like to help my community and work on the Latin FilmSeries while I am working at the Peace and Justice Center. I have worked with Rotaract Club…


From the Streets to the Grave holds candle lit vigil

By K. Austria Last Saturday, November 14th, a candle light vigil was held in front of San Jose City Hall to commemorate the lives lost in acts of violence.  The vigil did not only pay tribute to victims of violence, but also the families of these victims who were mourning…


Ground the SJPD Drone!

The SJPD Drone – Return It and Get Our Money Back! Last November the San Jose City Council authorized the purchase of an $8K drone for the Police Department.  This budget item was slipped into the consent calendar and we the people never got a chance to debate whether we…


DIRT! The Movie

SJPJC Events and Programming Intern Patrice Halcrombe Over humanity's long history, we have lost our connection with dirt and doing so, we are destroying the very thing that gives us life. Dirt the Movie explores humanity's connection with dirt and how to restore our connection back with dirt. The documentary…


Restrict secrecy more than data collection

Restrict secrecy more than data collection Spencer Graves      Popular US rhetoric supports democracy. However, US actions have often done the opposite and manufactured enemies in the process. Although downplayed by the mainstream media, there is ample documentation that the US helped destroy democracy in several countries and supported tyranny…


International Conference For A WMD-Free Middle East

International Conference For A WMD-Free Middle East Betsy Wolf-Graves Background Haifa was the unlikely setting for the first multinational conference on Israeli soil to plan the elimination of weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. The conference was held on December 5-6, 2013. The next day, December 7, Arab…