San Jose Peace & Justice Center

Like Free Speech?

Think we have a right to criticize governments that violate human rights?

Tell CA State Senate to oppose AB 2844 which:


✔seeks to stop peaceful efforts to end Israel’s violations of international law and human rights, including its home demolitions, occupation, illegal settlements, apartheid laws & extrajudicial killings.
✔threatens to criminalize our right to boycott, a tactic used to help end apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow laws in the South, and to support farmworker rights in California.
✔goes against the 1st Amendment: our right to free speech.
✔will waste our tax dollars by requiring the California Attorney General to investigate bogus claims that boycotts are a "pretext" for unlawful discrimination.
✔would stigmatize and threaten with criminal sanctions those contracting with the state, including companies, churches, nonprofits, and individuals, who choose not to do business with Israel.A Read more...  

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