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  • 2019 Year Recap

    Hello Community! We write this annual message in hopes that you are safe in these scary times. From fires to power outages, riots to revolutions, changing policies to children and humans in cages, this world we live in seems fraught with struggle. Michele has been with the Center since 2016 and has seen the terror

  • We’ll Miss You, Pete!

    Monday, December 7th was the last day of Pete’s internship here at the San José Peace and Justice Center. Pete is a Justice Studies major at San José State University, and he will be graduating this month. A requirement of the SJPJC internship program is to create, promote, and host a community event. In October,

  • Chinese detains Uighur Muslims

    By Pete, a SJSU Fall 2019 Intern Official Chinese government documents leaked to the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists earlier in the week has shown that an estimated one million minority Uighur Muslims are being sent to secret brainwashing detention camps in the Xinjiang region in the West of China. Inmates are being detained in

  • Anakbayan Silicon Valley Solidarity Statement

    Propaganda enabling Rodrigo Duterte’s oppressive attacks on anti-fascist political activism is impacting local community group Anakbayan Silicon Valley. This disinformation campaign has labeled Anakbayan Silicon Valley as a communist organization. Click here to learn more about this issue. The San José Peace and Justice Center stands in solidarity with Anakbayan Silicon Valley and supports their

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Upcoming Events

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The San José Peace and Justice Center is a resource center and community space that supports and fights for causes promoting peace and justice in the South Bay area. The work of The San José Peace and Justice Center is done by a dedicated group of individuals and organizations that seek to ensure the financial and operational stability of peace and justice movements in the South Bay area.



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