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Migrant Justice Series - 1st Class March 23rd

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10 am to 3 pm

Join the interns to learn more about Immigrant justice: A Workshop to help "non-immigrants"* take strategic, effective and accountable collective action in solidarity with immigrant communities toward the end of deportations, detentions, and discrimination.

The term non-immigrant is hugely misleading as most people living in the United States have an immigrant history and this land belongs to the Ohlone people. Non-immigrant is an identity that many people claim and as such, it is used here for those who may identify with it.

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Support Public Banking in San Jose (3/19/2019)




Message from Jake Tonkel.


It has been an amazing week for the public banking movement. Assemblymembers Chiu (SF) and Santiago (LA) introduced AB 857, the Public Banking Bill. That was a major step forward to making the establishment of local and regional public banks a reality.

With more good news, we have the opportunity to show up and support right here in Santa Clara County.

Write a letter to support and learn more.

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