• San Jose commemorates 53rd anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium

    San Jose, CA – On August 29, the San Jose Freedom Road Socialist Organization and other groups held a commemoration for the 53rd anniversary of the Chicano Moratorium, with veteran activist Carlos Montes as a guest speaker. The commemoration was held at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, a hub for activism in San

  • Peace & Justice Center Statement on Ukraine War

    The Peace and Justice Center calls for open dialogue on the conflict, with differences of opinion informed by uncensored reporting available from all media platforms. We support an immediate cease-fire, negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, and a peace agreement that respects Ukrainian neutrality and respects Ukrainian and Russian national sovereignty and security. We oppose any U.S./NATO

  • No more nukes! Ban the bomb!

    In connection with the release of the film Oppenheimer, “the bomb” is getting a lot of attention in the mass media this summer. It’s an opportunity for the public to learn something about the immense and horrifying impact that nuclear weapons have had and continue to have since July 16, 1945 when the first atomic

  • Don’t Miss SF Mime Troupe – Free Show Saturday at St James Park

    After an absence of a few years, the San Francisco Mime Troupe will be returning to San Jose with a performance of their new musical, BREAKDOWN, in St James Park on Saturday July 8 at 3pm (music begins at 2:30). The subject of the show: “In an insane society how can we help those struggling

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Upcoming Events

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The San José Peace and Justice Center is a resource center and community space that supports and fights for causes promoting peace and justice in the South Bay area. The work of The San José Peace and Justice Center is done by a dedicated group of individuals and organizations that seek to ensure the financial and operational stability of peace and justice movements in the South Bay area.



The Peace and Justice Center offers freely available community space, printing, audio equipment, and other resources. The only way we can do that is with your help.


Want to help out without the spectre of callous cash exchange? Helping out at the center is a great way to learn and get more involved with the many causes we promote and take on.

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Equality Labs

Santa Clara County Move to Amend

Democratic Socialists of America

Billy DeFrank LGBTQ Community Center

Silicon Valley United Nations Association

Silicon Valley De-Bug

Jewish Voice for Peace


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