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Meet our team:

Board – Collins Foundation


The Collins Foundation acts as the keeper of the Collins House. The members of the board include: Dan Mayfield, Jeff Lake, Charlotte Casey, Sharat Lin, Serena and James Murray, Nick Dela Torre, and RJ Ramsey.

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Dan Mayfield, Board Chair (he/him)

Email: Daniel_Mayfield (at) att (dot) net

“I have been an attorney at Carpenter and Mayfield in San Jose since 1982. I have been involved with the San José Peace and Justice Center and the Collins foundation since 2005.”

Charlotte Casey (she/her)

Email: ccasey (at) pacbell (dot) net

“I have been a peacenik since the Sixties and active in the civil rights, union, and women’s movements since then. I joined the Friday Peace Vigil in 2001 and have been involved with the San José Peace & Justice Center since 2006. I am also a supporter of the Landless Workers Movement in Brazil (MST) and a member of the national coordination of US Friends of the MST.”

Nick Dela Torre (he/him)

Email: nimadelatorre (at) yahoo (dot) com

Jeff Lake (he/him)

Email: jlake (at) igc (dot) org

“I have been a lifelong peace and justice activist. I was active at the Center in the 1980s and rejoined in the months prior to the Iraq invasion in 2003. I have remained active since and have served as Treasurer of the Collins Foundation and will resume that role in April 2022.” 

Sharat Lin (he/they)

Email: sharatlin (at) hotmail (dot) com

Sharat G. Lin (he/they) is a current member of the Collins Foundation Board. He was a past president of the San José Peace and Justice Center. He has been with the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Legacy Committee since 2010. He writes and lectures on global political economy, labor migration, social movements, the Middle East, and public health. He is a peace dancer, yoga instructor, and curator of the Art of Protest.

Serena Murray (she/her)

Email: serenacolletmurray (at) gmail (dot) com

“I was first involved with the Peace and Justice Center in the 80’s when I worked on solidarity with El Salvador and Nicaragua. I was also involved with trying to stop nuclear testing and weapons development. I joined the Collins Board to help maintain the building and continue with the Center’s work for Peace and Justice.” 

James Murray (he/him)

Email: james.jacquotm (at) gmail (dot) com

“I have been an opponent of U.S. imperialism since my student days at the University of California, Berkeley, when Vietnam was viciously attacked. When my family moved to San José in 1976, my wife, Serena, and James naturally gravitated to the Peace Center. When we were invited to join the Collins Board, we accepted and we’re still there.”

Raymond J (RJ) Ramsey (he/him)

Email: RaymondJ (at) sanjosepeace (dot) org

“My name is Raymond J. Ramsey and I’m opposed to war as a solution to domestic and international conflict. On the international level the threat of nuclear war remains a constant threat with the potential to destroy tens of thousands of innocent lives by those with no regard for human life. On the domestic level, including San José, there is an ongoing war against the most vulnerable population among us — the homeless. Unable to defend themselves, these people are unfairly targeted and marginalized. We must oppose those who oppress people without homes, also known as ‘the homeless.'”

Coordinating Council – SJPJC


The San Jose Peace and Justice Center is collaboratively by the Coordinating Council members. The member of the Coordinating Council include: Karla Henriquez, Raymond J. Ramsey, and Joan Simon. Our Director also has an ex officio position also.

Karla Henríquez (ella/she/her)

Email: karlahenriq (at) gmail (dot) com

Hello, my name is Karla and I am a member of the SJPJC Coordinating Council. I first began as a volunteer at the Center, and my passion for social justice only grew at the time, leading to my position on the Coordinating Council. I completed my B.S. in Justice Studies at San José State and I want to continue thanking my community for the support throughout my years studying.”

Joan Simon (she/her)

Email: peacenut99 (at) gmail (dot) com

The build-up to the invasion of Iraq—watching the Bush administration search for a suitable justification to attack Iraq—opened my eyes to the war-hungry nature of the U.S. Government.  Although I had always been somewhat aware of our country’s criminal actions, nothing solidified it like watching in real-time the build-up to war in the news media.

Years later, while ride-sharing to a CARA (California Alliance for Retired Americans) event, a fellow traveler suggested that I attend a meeting about our health care system.  This was the beginning of my decade-long involvement in the single-payer health care insurance movement, more commonly known as Medicare for All.

My single-payer group presented periodic reports to the SJPJC Board (now Coordinating Council) members.  When our group representative moved on, I volunteered to provide these reports to the SJPJC.  Soon afterwards, I was nominated and voted to be a member of the SJPJC Board.  As time passed, I began to understand that the movement is for all human rights, not just for Medicare for All, and not just in the U.S., but a struggle for human rights, peace and justice, all over the world.  It is a struggle against capitalism—self-interest/greed versus community good—and imperialism, the meddling in and controlling of other countries’ affairs.

The San José Peace and Justice Center’s mission is to participate in the development and nurturing of the community of people who work for a just, peaceful, and non-violent society—a community that ensures human rights for all people and ensures the continuation of, and respect for, all life on earth.  This is what I want to be a part of.  Surrounded by similar-motivated people, we can learn and grow with each other.  This is what makes the family and community of the San José Peace and Justice Center.


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