COVID-19 Tracing at the Center

Image of a sign with a green top border and a blue bottom border with a QR code. COVID-19 Contact Tracing Form, Please fill out this form PRIOR to entering the space. We need these details to stay open and avoid fines by the county. Thank you!
COVID-19 Contact tracing form sign

COVID-19 has changed so much. It has changed a core part of what we do and how we can do it. Groups can now reserve the parking lot for small outdoor gatherings. The maximum number in that space is 30 people (as of 4/19/2021) with no cars in the lot. We welcome your experiences in holding events to help us create a welcoming space at San Jose Peace and Justice Center.

Going forward, we ask everyone entering the Center to fill out our COVID Tracing Form or one of the paper slips on the front and back door. We need the form details to follow the County requirements for being open. Also, these details help us keep people safer.

Groups are to collect the names and contact details of those at their event as long as they fill out the Space Use form to let us know they will contact their participants if we learn that anyone has become sick. Also, please let us know if a participant becomes sick so we can alert others who have been in the space during the same time frame.

The State of California and Santa Clara County require anyone hosting events outdoors have a list of names and contact information for all participants. If more than one group is hosting an event at the same time, each group is responsible for their participants as long as both parties stay separated.

Other requirements include:

  • At least 6 feet of distance between different households. This means 6 feet in ALL directions.
  • If sound equipment is used, it must be sanitized between each person and cleaned before putting it away.
  • Shared items are not allowed unless individually wrapped or served by one person. Your group can ask people to bring their own supplies or give them a set of what might be needed.
  • Sanitize and clean the restrooms, tables, chairs, door knobs, and any frequently touched surface after each gathering. Cleaner is kept in the bathroom downstairs.
  • Please let us know your suggestions and best practices.

At the end of your event, please remember to fill out our Space Use Form.

We will have signs posted at the Center that have a QR code linking to the Contact Tracing Form. The slips will still be available for those who cannot access the QR code.

If people have any extra cleaning solutions around, we would be grateful for the donation.

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