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Are you interested in helping the San José Peace & Justice Center adapt to the quickly changing climate of 2020 and onwards? Do you have ideas about how the Center may serve as a better resource for community organizations and support local organizers? Can you envision what a future for the Center might look like? You may be interested in the SJPJC Special Committee! 

Over the past two months, we’ve confirmed our first five members onto our special committee meant to redevelop and restructure the Center, engaging with the current leadership and the Community! While we have gotten things off the ground as a small group, we are in need of expanding our committee size by several members to increase our work capacity and ability to better represent the community. Additionally, to ensure adequate diversity of representation within the committee, we’ll be prioritizing submissions from non-male, non-white applicants. 

Incoming committee members would start in October, the third month of our 6 month term, with an expectation of contributing 4 to 6 hours per week, actively engaging in the creation of a final proposal that will be presented to the Coordinating Council and the Collins Foundation Board. It is expected that the Special Committee will produce multiple documents, potentially including: leading documents (e.g., bylaws or other organizational documents), operating policies, mission, vision, and other guiding principles (e.g., Theory of Change), any required training programs to advance the organization.

The demands of the South Bay community have changed, and strategic planning is needed to guide the Center’s future and engage the next generation of leaders at the Center and beyond! For more information, you can read the proposal here. You can fill out this form before October 10 to apply for a position on the committee!

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  1. Essie Baradar

    Great to get info. While in-shelter
    Happy to receive the latest news via
    USPS. Bravo for a nicely done newsletter. I plan to visit the Center
    soon as possible.
    greatfully in Peace,
    Essie B.

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