Tell CA Senate: No Automatic Registration for the Draft when Registering for Driver’s License

A current bill in California’s legislature would automatically register draft-age men (18 – 26) with the Selective Service System (SSS) whenever they register for a driver’s license, identification card, or driver’s license renewal. The SSS continues to prepare for a resumption of the military draft that was ended over 50 years ago.

Preparation for a military draft is preparation for war! Please follow this link to sign the petition to our state senators.

The CA Senate Transportation Committee will hold the first hearings on SB1081 on April 9. This petition will be sent to all members of the Transportation Committee, including local CA Senators David Cortese (D-San Jose) who chairs the Committee, and Committee member Josh Becker (D-Menlo Park). Text of petition:

We the undersigned strongly urge the Senate Transportation Committee to oppose SB1081, which would automatically enroll draft-age men with the Selective Service System, an outmoded and outdated means to prepare for the resumption of a military draft.

Selective Service registration is a bad policy choice. Draft registration promotes the illusion that a draft is available as a “fallback”, which leads to unrealistic mobilization planning and enables planning for endless, unlimited wars that people would not volunteer to fight. Ending draft registration would deter war-making.

California should not be using state resources to enforce the Military Selective Service Act. Federal laws should be enforced by the Federal government, at Federal expense. If the Federal government chooses not to enforce the provisions of Federal criminal laws, California should not try to take over enforcement of those Federal laws.

Only males (as assigned at birth) are currently required to register with the SSS. This is discriminatory. California should not use state resources in support of a program that is explicitly anti-trans and that explicitly discriminates on the basis of gender.

Selective Service registration should be abolished, not propped up with the assistance of states. Proponents of Selective Service registration have been unable to present any credible scenario for a war that the U.S. should be actively preparing to fight, but for which there would be so few volunteers that a draft would be necessary.

We urge you to vote NO on SB1081.

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