Tell CA Senate: No Automatic Registration for the Draft when Registering for Driver’s License

URGENT! Please send emails to your California State Assembly Member telling them of your opposition to Senate Bill 1081 (Archuleta), which will be heard in the Transportation committee on July 1, 2024.  This bill requires those under age 26 applying for a first-time or renewing a California driver’s license and California I.D. to register for the federal Selective Service System (SSS).


Local and state public agencies should not provide information or assistance to the military for draft registration or recruitment purposes. Many of our youth conscientiously object to participation in any and all wars. This bill would force them to violate their conscience or check a box that could put them in legal jeopardy to get a driver’s license.

Under this proposed legislation, people as young as 16 years old, i.e., minors, and up to age 26, will be deemed to have agreed to automatic registration for the draft by placing their signature on a driver’s license application, which they have filled out for a completely unrelated purpose. The California Department of Motor Vehicles will forward this information to the Selective Service System, registering them immediately or in the case of those under 18, registering them automatically when they turn 18.

This linkage to filling out a DMV form trivializes registration for the draft, something that individuals should be able to thoughtfully consider, with full information and awareness of alternatives. The bill proposes that those who do not accept the linkage may proceed to sign the driver’s license form and also indicate that “the applicant declines to consent by checking the “Don’t Register” box on the application.”  However, checking such a box could be considered “self-incrimination,” as “knowing and willful” nonregistration can be grounds for penalties such as refusal of federal employment or naturalization.

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