Keith May, Presente

It was with heavy hearts that we learned of the death of Keith May, a neighbor and a cheerful and helpful presence at many events at the Center. Keith was a dependable volunteer and friend of many of us.  Former SJPJC Director Michele Mashburn said “Keith loved the Center and the welcome feel he received. […]

Goodbye and good luck, Michele!

We are sorry to announce that Michele Mashburn has left her position as Director of the San Jose Peace & Justice Center to pursue other opportunities. Those of us who have been involved with the Center over the years learned a great deal from Michele, not just in the area of disability rights and justice […]


Will the war in Ukraine turn into another endless war like the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan? How many Ukrainians must die and be displaced? That depends on whether the United States and its allies support a negotiated solution. The outlines of a peace agreement already exist: A comprehensive ceasefire. Withdrawal of Russian forces. […]