Events are current when they are in the news and media coverage. They are also current when they are the issues of this moment in time.

Sign the Statement Against Hindu Supremacy

The San Jose Peace & Justice Center joined other organizations such as the Movement for Black Lives and  the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action that signed a statement expressing  concern about the alarming rise of Hindu supremacy, also known as Hindutva or Hindu nationalism, in the United States. Savera,…


Join us for Earth Day at Viva Calle

On Sunday April 23, San Jose's quarterly Viva Calle event will close some city streets to cars and allow bikers, skaters, strollers, skateboarders, etc. to move freely on car-free streets between Willow Glen and the Rose Garden. The route passes in front of the Collins House / Peace and Justice…


Biden Must Declare a Climate Emergency!

Art by Jan Burger On July 21, President Biden announced he will take a series of executive actions to confront the climate emergency in the coming weeks. There are reports from members of his Administration that he is considering declaring a climate emergency.  We are demanding that President Biden declare…