Our tax dollars are funding Israel’s war crimes

By Charlotte Casey Israel has escalated its murderous assault on Gaza by preparing to send in ground troops. At least 109 Palestinians, including 28 children have already been killed while Zionist extremists riot in the streets of Jerusalem, assaulting Palestinian residents and destroying Palestinian businesses. As Tax Day (Monday, May 17 this year) draws near, […]

“Shut Down Creech” Protest in Nevada desert!

Protesters from Code Pink and Veterans for Peace are spending the week in the Nevada desert outside Creech Air Force Base to protest the U.S. drone program, and to support Daniel Hale, the whistleblower who currently faces sentencing in July after pleading guilty for secretly exposing war crimes in the U.S. drone targeted killing program. Read more on our website!

Dump Trump and Ban the Bomb

by Charlotte Casey, SJPJC Coordinating Council member At this perilous moment in history, Democratic Party leaders are citing Trump’s easy access to nuclear weapons as a reason to remove him from office. It should not have taken the president’s obvious derangement to remind us of the existential threat posed by the US stockpile of 3800 […]