Meet the Northern California Unemployed Committee!

Meet the Northern California Unemployed Committee: We are a new organization that focuses specifically on the struggle for the rights of the unemployed! We have three primary demands: 1 – restore the $600 weekly supplement, 2 – end federal taxation of unemployment, 3 – make the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance permanent. If this article interests you and you want to get involved please contact us at or (408) 638-9131.

Peace Pantry Letter

A community member left a letter in the Peace Pantry in October 2020. It is a solid reminder of why we have the Peace Pantry and also why we have recently started a GoFundMe campaign to raise more money to support this new program at the Center. To support this campaign, please visit this link. […]

A Divided Decision: Pragmatism vs Principles

By Joan Simon, SJPJC Coordinating Council member Recently, the San Jose Peace and Justice Center (SJPJC) was notified that we were nominated to receive a $2,000 grant from a local Whole Foods Market, an Amazon-owned store.  This opportunity was presented to the SJPJC Coordinating Council for discussion.  The Coordinating Council members weighed in on whether […]

Food at the Mexican Heritage Plaza

By Veronica Eldredge, School of Arts and Culture/Mexican Heritage Plaza Hey Everyone! Veronica here. I was so thrilled when my friend Pfox shared an opportunity with me to volunteer at the Mexican Heritage Plaza for their first food distribution back in June. Protests had just erupted across the country, our friends and community were getting […]

What’s wrong with this picture?

By Charlotte Casey and Joan Simon, SJPJC Coordinating Council members Taken at the end of the Memorial Day Car Caravan for Peace, this photo shows people gathered in front of the Mercy Mobile as we presented a bucket in which participants had dropped donations for Community Homeless Alliance Ministry (CHAM). You’ve probably already guessed the […]

Are We ALL In This Together?

During this crisis, there has been an overwhelming public sentiment of “we’re all in this together as we shelter-in-place” – but this concept of “we” is inherently exclusionary. Have “we” considered the people that don’t have the privilege of shelter?