Peace Pantry Letter

Image of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center in San Jose - a blue building with a raised cabinet in front of the house. The green cabinet is on a post and food is visible inside the clear door.
Peace Pantry

A community member left a letter in the Peace Pantry in October 2020. It is a solid reminder of why we have the Peace Pantry and also why we have recently started a GoFundMe campaign to raise more money to support this new program at the Center. To support this campaign, please visit this link.

San Jose Peace & Justice Center,

Thank you once again for your kindness and generosity. Some nights I will gratefully have something from you community pantry. Other times I will simply pass by and nod in recognition [of] what you do for our community.

As we progress thru time and the impact of gentrification becomes more salient, the need for organizations like yours becomes critical. A city this size needs some checks by the citizens to signal and remind our elected officials that they no only work for the constituents that hired them via the vote… Face is any council person elected official is accountable to the city as a whole. We are impacted by what is done or denied to any of the 10 districts, so be you a D6 — D3 — D4 resident, we are all San Jose and become of this we all should stand to benefit from its deficits.

Thank you Peace and Justice Center for standing in the gap and articulating clearly what is moral, what is ethical, what is just within a social or political context. Your perspectives are welcomed and necessary.

Thank you.

Letter from a local community member.
a hand written letter. text is in the blog post.
Letter from a community member. Thank You!!

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