Biden Must Declare a Climate Emergency!

People pushing against oil drilling equipment
Art by Jan Burger

On July 21, President Biden announced he will take a series of executive actions to confront the climate emergency in the coming weeks. There are reports from members of his Administration that he is considering declaring a climate emergency. 

We are demanding that President Biden declare a climate emergency AND that he stop approving fossil fuel projects including federal fossil fuel leases onshore and offshore, fossil fuel infrastructure projects like pipelines and petrochemical plants, and fossil fuel exports.

Now is our moment to capture the momentum around executive action and push the President to act on all of our demands! It is our job to hold him accountable to be the climate president and speed the end of the fossil fuel era. 

The People VS Fossil Fuels Coalition has lots of ways to be involved in the fight for climate justice including a petition to Tell Biden to Choose People Over Fossil Fuels and free art to use for signs and posting on social media.

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