Sign the Statement Against Hindu Supremacy

The San Jose Peace & Justice Center joined other organizations such as the Movement for Black Lives and  the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action that signed a statement expressing  concern about the alarming rise of Hindu supremacy, also known as Hindutva or Hindu nationalism, in the United States.

Savera, an interfaith, anti-caste coalition that includes Bay Area organizations such as Hindus for Human Rights, Indian American Muslim Council and Ambedkar King Study Circle recently published an alarming report about The World Hindu Council (Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America, VHP-A)

The report, titled “The Global VHP’s Trail of Violence” documents how VHP-A finds itself in a deepening alliance with various facets of the American far-right. Hindu supremacy poses a growing threat to our core values of democracy, pluralism and justice, both in India and here in the United States.

 The report is an important tool in political education about the proliferation of the Hindu Right in the US, and the growing ties between Hindu Nationalist and White Supremacist political movements within the U.S. 

We urge our allies and friends to read the report and sign the statement.

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