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Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) received word 8/9/18 about the status of this state Assembly resolution, which supports the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons that WILPF supports through it's petition efforts, urging the US to sign and renounce nuclear weapons.  

California residents can help by sending a letter (although the timing is close on this), email or calling the Public Safety Committee Members and your State Assembly member.  The hearing for this important resolution is scheduled for August 14, so unless there's a change in the schedule, this issue is urgent.  If you're not a CA resident, your statement of support will clue in CA Assembly members to the widespread support for such resolutions.

Here's brief information about the resolution:

It calls on our federal leaders to:
  • Embrace the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons
  • Make nuclear disarmament the centerpiece of our national security policy
  • Renounce first use (No first use (NFU) refers to a pledge or a policy by a nuclear power not to use nuclear weapons as a means of warfare unless first attacked by an adversary using nuclear weapons.)
  • Take our nuclear weapons off of hair-trigger alert
  • Cancel the plan to replace the entire arsenal with enhanced weapons
  • Actively pursue a verifiable agreement among nuclear-armed states to eliminate their nuclear arsenals
Here's a link to the text of the resolution:   

Find your CA assembly person by going to this website and then click on the link: Find your legislator by your address. Jot down their email and phone # (there may not be time to send a letter through the post office, but their address is given).  
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February 22, 2018...U.S. Army Colonel (Ret) Ann Wright spoke at the Peace & Justice Center about the upcoming Freedom Flotilla to break the illegal and inhumane blockade of Gaza, to demand full freedom of movement for all Palestinians, and to challenge the occupation of Palestine.

Ann described the current desperate situation in Gaza and her participation in earlier flotillas. A video of her talk is available here.

Photo shows Gaza Freedom Flotilla veteran Donna Wallach with Ann Wright. 

Donate to the 2018 Freedom Flotilla here.

Friday, October 28 2016 @ 7pm
          San Jose Peace & Justice Center
          48 South 7th St., San Jose
Criminal justice reform, economic justice, housing, and immigrant rights  -- Our friends at Silicon Valley Debug have put together a unified campaign to achieve gains on these key issues by the end of this year.

We will screen "Cali Kids" a short but powerful film about the situation of young people sentenced as adults and the efforts of their families to pass Proposition 57, the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016.  Charisse Domingo and other activists will be on hand to give an update on the Debug San Jose campaign, their activities around "participatory defense" and the recent strike at the County Jail.

Sponsored by Silicon Valley Debug and the San Jose Peace & Justice Center
 Members of the Peace & Justice Center pose with signs urgning President Obama to fulfill his promise to close Guatanamo Prison before he leaves office.
 Our photo is included among hundreds of others, with photos of students from San Jose State, and people from many countries on the Close Guantanamo web site.

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Call the Peace & Justice Center at 408-297-2299 or stop by weekdays between 4 to 7 to get involved in any of these campaigns:



Canvass against Islamophobia & racism on 3/18 in E. San Jose


JVP South BayJoin South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace on Sunday, March 18 at 1:30 PM
Roberto Cruz Alum Rock Branch Library, 090 Alum Rock Ave., San Jose 

There have been a number of incidents in San Jose in recent months that call out for a community response. One school alone. Fischer Middle School in Alum Rock Unified School District - recorded 15 anti-Muslim incidents last year, ranging from derogatory comments to spray-painted graffiti. One library had several incidents and it was not the only library where patrons experienced this. 

One way we can build support for targeted groups is by posting visual expressions of this support. The South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace chapter has organized three canvassing days in the Mountain View/Sunnyvale area. This month we'd like to walk a San Jose neighborhood. Our canvassing events consist of a brief orientation that includes information, discussion and time for role playing. Then we break up into teams to knock on doors, asking businesses and residents to hang one of two posters that say:
  • "We stand with Muslims, Arabs and immigrants." 
  • "No matter where you're from, we're glad you're our neighbor." (In English, Spanish and Arabic)
This is a time to come out and show love in action - a time for solidarity. Be there!  Please RSVP at:
Facebook de South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace or  

Make Love Not War Street Rally at Santana Row

make love


TIME: 10 AM to 12 NOON


Express your love for peace and your opposition to Trump's plans for war at a special Valentines street rally this Saturday February 10. Bring signs and banners with hearts and flowers and meet at the crosswalk on Stevens Creek Blvd.across from Santana Row.

This Valentines Day rally is a special edition of the ongoing anti-war rally that has been held at this location for 14 years. Join the Green Party of Santa Clara County, San Jose Code Pink, the San Jose Peace & Justice Center, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, Friday Peace Vigil, our developing world and other peace-loving community groups this Saturday to take a stand against indefinite U.S. wars around the world.


Honduras Urgent Action


Long-time Honduran activist Edwin Robelo Espinal was arrested by police on January 19, on the eve of a week-long nationwide strike. Edwin faces a laundry list of trumped up charges: arson; property damage; and use of homemade explosive material. Edwin is also under State investigation for terrorism and criminal association related to damages to the Marriott Hotel, a multi-billion dollar US chain, during a January 12 protest in Tegucigalpa.

Edwin's arbitrary arrest occurred in the context of the election fraud endorsed by the US and Canada, and designed to keep current President Juan Orlando Hernandez in power.

Edwin is currently in pretrial detention. At the end of his initial hearing inside military facilities on January 22, the judge ordered pre-trial detention and sent Edwin to La Tolva, a high-security, U.S.-style prison. The prison has extremely restricted visitor access, is run by a military Coronel, and prisoners are only allowed one-hour of sunlight every two weeks amongst other horrific conditions. Although the case has been appealed by local Honduran human rights organization COFADEH, Edwin could remain in detention for two or more years waiting trial.

Contact the US, Canadian and Honduran representatives. See web site below for contacts and demands.

For more information about Edwin's case and to take action on Edwin's case.


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End U.S. Military Aid to Honduras!

Following the November 26 elections in Honduras, hundred of thousands of people have flooded into the streets to protest what many are calling an electoral coup d’état against opposition candidate Salvador Nasralla. Protesters accuse the electoral commission of rigging the vote in favor of incumbent President Juan Orlando Hernández, who is a close U.S. ally. 

San Jose resident and Honduran human rights activist, Zenaida Velasquez, interviewed on Democracy Now, said that on the weekend over half a million people were in the streets facing very high levels of militarization with security forces using live ammunition, killing at least 3 people and wounding hundreds more.

The Peace & Justice Center along with close to 100 other U.S groups signed on to an open letter to the U.S. Congress and State Department calling for an end to US security aid to Honduras, including police and military aid, and support for Honduran security forces.

Are You Grieving Fires, Hurricanes, Drought?

tar sandsWe can do something about it!

Don't let the dirtiest, most carbon intensive fuel on earth get a foothold here. Liz Kniss, Air District Chair and Palo Alto Vice Mayor, has the power to keep tar sands out of the Bay Area. Urge her to cap emissions from Bay Area refineries. This will stop oil companies from bringing tar sands to the Bay area. The Air District must pass "Rule 12-16" to get this done. We have the chance to make a big difference on this local issue.

Please sign the Silicon Valley 350 petition here.


Anti-nuke Sailboat Arrives in Redwood City

The Veterans for Peace sailboat "The Golden Rule" is coming to the harbor at Redwood City. Check the event on our calendar for details about how you can visit the boat.

This video, made in 2014 while The Golden Rule was being rebuilt, tells the history of the boat:




End Money Bail in Caliifornia

end bail
  The fight to end money bail in California is getting stronger. On Tuesday, July 11, California legislators on the House Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing to decide the fate of landmark legislation, Senate Bill 10, that will transform the entire money bail system.

Now more than ever is the time to keep up the pressure. Greedy, desperate bail bonds companies and their lobbyists are showing up strong and spending millions to stop bail reform. These profiteers think they can win. Early last month, an identical piece of legislation, Assembly Bill 42 was defeated because too many lawmakers caved to the pressure of the bail bonds industry.

BUT people are rallying together to demand transformational change to the criminal justice system in California. Sign the petition!


Declare Independence from Insurance Greed!

SB562Join Rise Up for Justice and the Santa Clara County Single Payer Health Care Coalition at the downtown San Jose Fireworks display on July 4 to draw attention to CA Senate Bill (SB 562), which would provide Medicare for All.

Corporate-funded Democrats are blocking the bill to keep it from advancing to the State Assembly.

The groups will gather at 4:30 pm at Discovery Meadown on Woz Way with signs and banners to canvass the crowd and build support for SB562.


Demand End to Violence at Standing Rock


nodaplIn North Dakota, more than 100 Native Americans and allies fighting the $3.8 billion Dakota Access pipeline have been injured by police, who attacked them with rubber bullets, tear gas, mace canisters and water cannons in freezing temperatures Sunday night. The attack was on a bridge near the main Oceti Sakowin resistance camp. It began after the water protectors attempted to clear access to the public bridge, which has been blocked by authorities using military equipment chained to concrete barriers. Medics on scene say multiple people were shot by rubber bullets.
Call or email the WHITE HOUSE!
Send email HERE:

Phone the White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111


Tell Jerry Brown: Don't Sign AB2844


 On Tuesday, August 30, the California Assembly voted 69-1, with 10 abstentions, to pass AB 2844, the anti-free speech bill.  Governor Brown can decide to sign or veto the bill at any time before the end of September. Without any action, the bill will automatically become law.

Contact the governor by Tel: 916-445-2841, Fax: 916-558-3160, and writing your comment directly on the comment link in his website at gov39mail/mail.php.   Fill out the comment form, click on continue, scroll down to AB 2844, click on the bill number, fill out the final comment form, and submit.  Let's use all means at our disposal to make our voices heard!

Click here to email Gov. Brown, and demand that he veto AB 2844.

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Report from Honduras Delegation

A delegation of U.S. human rights observers and activists visited Honduras from June 27 to July 6. The delegation, organized by the Alliance for Global Justice and Honduras Solidarity Network, included participants from CODEPINK, the Marin Interfaith Task Force on the Americas, the Marquette University Center for Peacemaking, the San Jose Peace and Justice Center, SEIU Local 521, and the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom.

From June 27 to July 6 2016, the delegation traveled to various regions of the country to meet with farmworkers, indigenous and labor organizations, including a visit to La Esperanza to meet with COPINH (the Council of Indigenous and Popular Organizations of Honduras) and the family of Berta Cáceres. Delegates joined family members at a vigil marking the fourth month since Berta's murder.

Click here to read the full report.


Stop Anti-BDS Bill in CA Senate

Those of us who care about creating conditions in Israel/Palestine for people to live together in equality, justice and dignity need to speak up now to preserve our right to use non-violent, economic tools of struggle, such as boycott and divestment. We need to let our representatives know that we expect them to stand up for our civil liberties!
    Those of us who care about meeting the needs of California's underserved populations need to speak up against this appalling waste of taxpayer money! (The Appropriations Committee Analysis cites potential annual staffing costs to the Attorney General Office at $635,000 and potential increases in contract costs to the Dept. of General Services at $140 million.)

Tell Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Ricardo Lara, 916-651-4033, to keep this bill in "Suspense," a holding area for large ticket items, where it was referred on August 1st.  Senator Lara can decide to keep it there and let it die a quiet death!

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Stop AB 2844

BDSLike Free Speech?

Think we have a right to criticize governments that violate human rights?

Tell CA State Senate to oppose AB 2844 which:

✔seeks to stop peaceful efforts to end Israel’s violations of international law and human rights, including its home demolitions, occupation, illegal settlements, apartheid laws & extrajudicial killings.
✔threatens to criminalize our right to boycott, a tactic used to help end apartheid in South Africa and Jim Crow laws in the South, and to support farmworker rights in California.
✔goes against the 1st Amendment: our right to free speech.
✔will waste our tax dollars by requiring the California Attorney General to investigate bogus claims that boycotts are a "pretext" for unlawful discrimination.
✔would stigmatize and threaten with criminal sanctions those contracting with the state, including companies, churches, nonprofits, and individuals, who choose not to do business with Israel.A Read more...  

50th Anniversary of Napalm Ladies

We celebrated the power of civil disobedience on Wednesday May 25 2016 at the South Bay Yacht Club in Alviso.

We gathered on the 50th anniversary of the anti-Vietnam War action by four South Bay women--Aileen Hutchinson, Beverly Farquharson, Lisa Kalvelage and Joyce McLean--who blocked a forklift loading napalm bombs at the port of Alviso. Newspaper headlines dubbed the the four "The Napalm Ladies". Their arrest and five-day trial exposed the horrors of the war and received widespread press coverage. Lisa's powerful statement at the trial was put to music by Pete Seeger. 

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Fight for Climate Justice

Help make San Jose the biggest Bay Area city to divest its pension funds from fossil fuel investments. Read more...  

End the Occupation of Palestine

Over the years, the Peace & Justice Center has sponsored hundreds of events related to ending the occupation of Palestine.

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Cut Military Spending, Fund Human Needs

The Peace & Justice Center has been actively opposing militarism and military spending and organizing anti-war protests and vigils since our founding in 1957.

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Big Brother is Watching and We're Watching Big Bro

Help us monitor surveillance by law enforcement and government agencies. We cannot oppose or approve of technology that we don't know about.  Sunshine is the best disenfectant! Read more...  

Our DACA Project

You can copy the story from the latest Peace Times...  

We Need Single Payer, Universal Health Care

Health care is a human right and all Americans deserve comprehensive, reliable, and affordable health insurance. 

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