Benefit Concert for Cafe Guancasco

Cafe Guancasco, an 8 member musical and political group of Honduras, and its audience were brutally attacked by the Honduran government. Government agents released teargas onto the stage and into the crowd as well as destroying and stealing musical equipment rented by Cafe Guancasco. The damages caused by the government cost over $30,000. The government attack seems to be caused by Cafe Guancasco’s involvement with the National People’s Resistant Front which works against the current Honduran government.
In order to help Cafe Guancasco pay the rental company from which they rented their musical equipment, Pavel Nunez, a member of Cafe Guancasco has been touring the U.S. San Jose Peace and Justice hosted the San Jose event on Sunday, June 12th, 2011 from 6pm to 9pm in the Mission City Coffee Roasting Co. on the Alameda. Many other local artists performed to set the stage for the main event, Cafe Guancasco’s Pavel Nunez. Pavel captivated the audience with his words and catchy melodies. He spoke of Cafe Guancasco’s message that they tell through their music and his hopes for people to hear the story and support them.

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