Car Caravan for Peace on Memorial Day

Image of a gray car with signs "honk for peace" "Don't Iraq Iran" "War is not Green"

By Charlotte Casey, member of SJPJC Coordinating Council

Memorial Day was established as a day to honor American service members who died in wars. But glorification of war has never seemed more WRONG than during this pandemic. When the budget for the Center for Disease Control ($11 billion) is only 1.5% of what the Pentagon gets ($738 billion), we can gather on Memorial Day to express our outrage and demand our human rights to health, housing, education, a living wage and all the components of a dignified life.

Join the Car Caravan for Peace on Monday May 25 at 3pm. We will start at the Peace Crossroads (Stevens Creek and Winchester) and proceed down Stevens Creek – San Carlos Street to downtown San Jose where we will deliver $ donations to the Community Homeless Alliance Ministry (CHAM)

Decorate your car with signs expressing your priorities like #Healthcare Not Warfare, #Stockpile PPEs, Not Weapons, #Bail Out People, Not the Pentagon, #People Over Profit…            .

One person or household per car, maintain social distance and wear your mask when you’re outside your car. At this time, no bikes or motorcycles allowed in car parades.

More info:

UN Secretary General Calls for Global Ceasefire “End the sickness of war and fight the disease that is ravaging the world”

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