Support Youth with Disabilities at the October HSC Meeting

Please call or submit a comment to support the rights of youth with disabilities at the October 15, 2020 Human Services Commission (HSC) meeting at 6:15 pm via Zoom (details below). Last year, the HSC formed an ad-hoc to review the impact of law enforcement on youth with disabilities. The attached Draft report represents the summative assessment of the impact of law enforcement on youth with disabilities.

Join tonight’s event remotely…

Tonight is another parking lot event hosted by Stories for Solidarity (SFS). AND…… They are making segments accessible via Zoom for those of you who are at home and unable to attend. You can find tickets on their website ($10 suggested donation). Join SFS for their First Saturday’s Open Mic event at the San Jose […]

SJPJC and NAACP to Sue SJPD for Violence Against Demonstrators

The Center is joining a soon-to-be-filed civil rights class action lawsuit to stop San José Police Department (SJPD) from using impact munitions and other violence against demonstrators. In addition to the Center, the NAACP- San Jose Silicon Valley Chapter and a number of individuals will serve as named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, which will challenge SJPD’s racial and religious profiling practices as well as its unlawful violence.

#ProtectYourPeople Budget

Please see the summary document and check out the introductory video for this submission around a Divest/Invest framework for the County. The report is authored by families whose loved ones are in the jails and juvenile halls, the formerly incarcerated, and those whose loved ones were killed by law enforcement.

Time for DA Offices to Create Police Crimes Units

The Coalition for Justice and Accountability (CJA) came into existence in 2003 after Bich Cau Thi Tran was shot and killed by San José Police Officer Chad Marshall. CJA has over the past 17 years been an advocate for humane policing practices including the banning of the use of Tasers by law enforcement. Members of CJA have participated on panels, addressing police misconduct, Taser task forces, city councils and other public bodies throughout the Bay Area. CJA has conducted workshops on police misconduct and also on the inherent dangers of Tasers.

CAIR and SV De-Bug Solidarity Statement

In solidarity with our community members impacted by police violence in Santa Clara County, the San José Peace and Justice Center condemns the San José Police Department’s (SJPD) oppressive actions towards Black, Brown, Latinx, Indigenous, and all People of Color; inclusive of those who may not identify with society’s normative sexual and gender identities, economic status, abilities and disabilities, religious beliefs and disbeliefs, and immigration status.

Universal Design Needed in 2020 Budget

As a resident of San Jose since 2007, I have experienced many things in this city. One thing I have not experienced is support and understanding around the issues of equity with disability related concerns. I have not seen adequate equity around issues that many members of the vibrant communities of color bring to these meetings and others. Budgetary priorities are skewed to groups that are informed by racism, ableism, sexism and more.