County sheriffs should not be armed with tasers!

Tasers are not safe to be used in the jails or on the streets. More than one person is killed by a taser every week in the U.S. According to the Reuters six-part series, 9 out of 10 who die are unarmed.

But Santa Clara County Sheriff Robert Jonson will present a proposal to the County Board of Supervisors that deputies should be armed with tasers.  The Coalition for Justice and Accountability is organizing to pressure the Board to turn down his request, which is currently scheduled for the Board meeting on Tuesday October 17.

Register now for the Community Forum on Tasers to be held (by zoom) on Thursday, October 12 at 6pm. You’ll hear real-life testimony from a former police officer and from someone who was formerly incarcerated. And get ready to show up on October 17 to urge the Board of Sups to turn down the Sheriff’s request!

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