Local Activists Rally for Yemen at Khanna’s Office

by Neda Aldabayani, Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation

On July 6th, 2021, activists rallied at the office of Congressman Ro Khanna in San Jose to demand that Khanna stay true to his promise in January of this year to introduce a new War Powers Resolution. Activists responded to a call put forth by the Yemeni-American youth organization, Hands Off Yemen, and rallied and marched to Khanna’s office door. Activists spoke about the need for such a resolution to end the blockade in Yemen.

On January 25, Rep. Khanna announced he and Sen. Bernie Sanders were reintroducing a Yemen War Powers Resolution to end unauthorized U.S. participation in hostilities in Yemen, but that has not yet happened. Since then, over the 100 members of Congress have written the administration expressing concern about the situation in Yemen and the U.S. role in the conflict.

The conflict in Yemen has dragged on for over 6 years. At present the Saudi led (and U.S.-enabled) blockade of Yemen could cause as many as 400,000 children to die of starvation in the coming months. Despite remarks by the Biden administration to end “offensive” weapon sales to Saudi Arabia, the U.S. continues to sell weapons to Saudi Arabia and provide logistical support to the Saudi air force, which enforces the blockade of Yemen.

“We thank Rep. Khanna for his promise to introduce a Yemen War Powers Resolution,” said Isaac Evans-Frantz, director of Action Corps, one of the rally organizers. “To save lives, this resolution needs to be introduced before the August congressional recess.”

Another rally will be held at Congressman Khana’s office on Friday July 16, a day of Action in support of Yemen that will also include a rally in San Francisco at the Federal Building.

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