Our tax dollars are funding Israel’s war crimes

By Charlotte Casey Israel has escalated its murderous assault on Gaza by preparing to send in ground troops. At least 109 Palestinians, including 28 children have already been killed while Zionist extremists riot in the streets of Jerusalem, assaulting Palestinian residents and destroying Palestinian businesses. As Tax Day (Monday, May 17 this year) draws near, […]

Access and Functional Needs Community Survey of COVID-19 Response in Santa Clara County

People with disabilities, seniors, parents of children with disabilities, service providers, teachers, families with limited English proficiency, and those with limited access to transportation are invited to take this survey collecting experiences of members of the Access and Functional Needs Community on the COVID-19 response in Santa Clara County.

Criminal Justice meets Abolition!

San Jose Peace and Justice intern Diamond Tabron introduces Transformative Justice to end prisons and policing, a hot topic that deserves to be talked about! Diamond is currently in the process of receiving a degree in Justice Studies at San Jose State University. Having knowledge in criminal justice gives Diamond a great opportunity to compare […]

The American Healthcare System: How it affects us, and how we can afford to change it

“On March 7, 2020 we were interviewed by a reporter from San José Spotlight regarding our fight to guarantee health care to all Californians. During the interview, we discussed extensively why we both believe in a single-payer system as a means to universal health care. While the article that followed included many important aspects of our discussion, it missed two key elements of the fight for single-payer that we talked about: the stories of everyday Americans who face looming uncertainty and massive medical bills, as well as how we can afford to change what’s happening.”

Meet the Northern California Unemployed Committee!

Meet the Northern California Unemployed Committee: We are a new organization that focuses specifically on the struggle for the rights of the unemployed! We have three primary demands: 1 – restore the $600 weekly supplement, 2 – end federal taxation of unemployment, 3 – make the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance permanent. If this article interests you and you want to get involved please contact us at ncaluc@gmail.com or (408) 638-9131.

Help Michele Get a Van!!!

Support this fundraiser to purchase a wheelchair accessible van for Michele Mashburn! As you likely know, Michele Mashburn has been the Director of the San Jose Peace and Justice Center for almost 5 years. She has been an extremely dedicated community builder, facilitating connections between various groups and providing relevant resources to anyone in need. She […]

Thank you, South Bay Materials!

Ashley, from Smiling Roots, a member of the Garden Project We are so grateful for the generous donation of beautiful pea gravel for winding pathways, rich humus to add bulk density and increase the retention of water and nutrients in the soil, and pavers from the amazing team at South Bay Materials (@southbaymaterials)! The community garden […]

Huge Thank You to Zanker Recycling!

Ashley, from Smiling Roots, a member of the Garden Project Amidst all of the chaos here’s some good news: the community garden project at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center (@sjpjc) is continuing to grow and gain support from volunteers and local community partners like Zanker Landscape Materials (@zankerlandscapematerials)! With this vital support we […]