Tierramor: Ethical & educational plant based products

This holiday season, the San José Peace and Justice Center will be featuring community members and other small businesses to share opportunities for shopping and to promote equitable purchasing.

A headshot featuring a woman with short, curly blonde hair smiling at the camera
Miriam, owner of Tierramor

My name is Miriam and my shop, Tierramor, offers plant-and-nature based home decor and gifts. I was born and raised in San José, and am fortunate enough to live a few blocks from where I went to elementary school 40 years ago. I worked for many years in community services and habitat restoration, as well as engaging in local activism, which is how I know of the Peace and Justice Center! 

My latest venture is my online shop where I offer:

  • Sustainably harvested, vibrantly fresh foliage 
  • Beautifully curated, delicate dried feather-and-flower bouquets
  • All natural sprays, like California sagebrush and Douglas fir
  • Gorgeous oak-inspired greeting cards
  • And so much more!

I can do custom or bulk orders, and offer free delivery in the San José area for any order over $100. You could also do contactless pick up near East San José and there is no minimum purchase for that. As the business grows, I am starting to get out to farmers markets and maker faires as well.

I offer 15% off Etsy sales and 10% off direct sales for folx who are BIPOC, trans, or disabled.  Message me at tierramor@gmail.com for details, or if you have any questions!

Thank you for considering my little shop – this has truly been a labor of love, and I am grateful for all who are helping me along the way! You can visit the shop here: https://www.etsy.com/shop/tierramor

A bouquet of eucalyptus stems and branches laid out on a red cloth
A eucalyptus bouquet from the Tierramor shop

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