2019 Year Recap

Two older women engage in conversation outside during a community event
Barby Ulmer and Serena Murray at the International Day of Peace (IDOP) Open House & Tabling Fair, September 21, 2019

Hello Community!

We write this annual message in hopes that you are safe in these scary times. From fires to power outages, riots to revolutions, changing policies to children and humans in cages, this world we live in seems fraught with struggle.

Michele has been with the Center since 2016 and has seen the terror of an election gone wrong for so many reasons. There was a surge in giving at the end of that year because we all feared for the next 4 years. We are rapidly approaching the next big election with very little successful reform to address the huge inequity and failures of an oppressive system.

There have been many bright lights during the last three years. We now have a very active internship program with both High School and University students, and an active service learning program too. The website has been upgraded, and features a fully accessible community calendar and a blog highlighting events and Center updates. Our new Coordinator, Tara, joined our staff in November.

Four adults play brass instruments which three adults watch and talk in the background
Silicon Valley Democratic Socialists of America Marching Band and Riot Choir at IDOP, 2019

Our community group network has almost doubled to 40+ groups, with the space being filled more often than it is empty. The offices upstairs are now occupied and there is a lot of activity happening in the Center, even when we do not have events downstairs.

To continue the historic fight against war, the Local Peace Economy working group started in early 2019 to grow hope through community connections. In addition to hosting 30+ educational and working group sessions, we have also hosted movie nights, speaker events, birthday parties, community meals, and more. We continue to support and collaborate with many community groups.

A man plays harmonica into a microphone while another man is in the background playing a saxophone. There is a rainbow flag behind them with a white peace sign.
Music event by The Basement Series: Yetisocold, June 19, 2019

The San José Peace and Justice Center relies almost 100% on individual donors. In order to meet the demand of these times, our goal is $10,000 for the End-of-the-Year campaign which will ensure we can remain your resource center for progressive activism.

To help us create a more peaceful and just society, you can make a one-time donation or become a monthly Sustaining Donor.

Please mail a check to San Jose Peace and Justice Center, 48 S. 7th Street, San Jose, CA 95112 or go to our online donation portal (https://sanjosepeace.org/donate/) to make a credit card or electronic funds transfer (EFT) donation. You will have the option of paying a small fee or having it deducted from your online donation.

We need YOU to be a Sustaining Donor.

HELP US REACH $2020 BY 2020

Currently: 8 Sustainers Total monthly: $315

Target: 50 Sustainers Total monthly: $2020

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support. We appreciate your donation.

In Peace,

Michele, Tara, and the Coordinating Council

Two men stand on either side of a fundraising poster that has an image of two hands shaking and it is shaped like a heart
Pete, a Fall 2019 SJSU Intern, and Sharat Lin, 2019

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