Save the Date: Sat. March 20 – End the F***ing Forever Wars!

March 5, 2003 — Anti-war protesters line Stevens Creek Blvd in front of Valley Fair Mall

On March 20 2003, the US launched the criminal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Since late 2001, peace activists in the South Bay had been organizing to protest the drive to war by the Bush administration and to counter the lies that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. We held vigils at the Federal Building every Friday.

As the Bush gang stepped up their lies and Democrats fell in line to support them, we stepped up our opposition with weekend protests at the busy intersection of Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvds.

Eighteen years after that invasion, with many hundreds of thousands dead and trillions of dollars spent, the US war machine continues and expands its deadly presence in the Middle East and other regions of the world. At the same time the “War at Home” has resulted in expanding militarism in our communities in areas like policing and schools.

It’s time to end the “forever wars”, defund the Pentagon, and use those trillions of war dollars for our human needs.

On the first day of spring, Saturday March 20 2021, we will return to the Peace Corner (Stevens Creek and Winchester Blvds) for a noontime protest.

To help us build this important action, contact the Peace & Justice Center via our social media or email to!

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