33rd Anniversary of Collins House Ribbon Cutting Ceremony!

Since I started working as the Coordinator last November, discovering historical records of this 63 year old resource center has been an incredible experience. I have learned that through the years, there have been countless meaningful contributions to progressive peace and justice causes that occurred by virtue of the Center’s support for grassroots organizations.

One particular delight was coming across a letter dated December 18, 1986 which officially announced the establishment of the Collins House, the house in which the San José Peace and Justice Center currently operates.

The Collins House has been host to a multitude of organizing meetings, community events, guest speakers, educational programs, and other activities promoting a Local Peace Economy. Over the years, the office spaces upstairs have served as a home to numerous community and non-profit organizations, social justice attorneys, and a union.

Today is the 33rd Anniversary of the open house and ribbon cutting ceremony at Collins House! Click the link below to read the full letter:

Collins House Establishment Letter

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