April Food Drive & Bake Sale!

On Sunday, April 11th we will be having our next Community Food Drive at the Center (48 S. 7th Street in Downtown San Jose) with the San Jose Community Fridge. We have extended the hours and we’re starting one hour later, so we’ll be there 12 – 4PM. We’ll only be having one Community Food Drive in April, so be sure not to miss it!

We will also be having a Bake Sale that is pay-what-you-can, so stop by for some sweet treats! Any donations will go on to support the Peace Pantry and the Community Fridge. You can also contribute to the Peace Pantry fundraising link here: https://bit.ly/peacepantry-donate

As the weather warms up, fresh produce does not survive very long in the Peace Pantry and the Community Fridge can only hold so much so please be mindful about the amount of produce donations. We are in the process of creating a redistribution network so that no food goes to waste, and also brainstorming solutions for how the Pantry provide healthy and fresh food for our local community.

Here are some ideas for food drive donations:

  • unexpired canned vegetables, soups, chilis, sauces
  • shelf stable meats like tuna and spam
  • dried beans, pasta, grains
  • easy and fast prepared foods like ramen and minute rice
  • protein bars and shakes
  • drinks like juice and water
  • healthy snacks
  • umbrellas
  • sleeping bags
  • tarps
  • individually wrapped masks
  • menstrual products
  • sanitary items and toiletries

We greatly appreciate everyone who has donated at past food drives, those who continue to come back, and anyone who has supported our fundraising page! Please continue to spread the word about the Community Food Drives as they directly benefit the community in many ways and further our mission to put an end to food insecurity.

Thank you!

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