Dump Trump and Ban the Bomb

by Charlotte Casey, SJPJC Coordinating Council member At this perilous moment in history, Democratic Party leaders are citing Trump’s easy access to nuclear weapons as a reason to remove him from office. It should not have taken the president’s obvious derangement to remind us of the existential threat posed by the US stockpile of 3800 […]

Ask Ro Khanna’s wife to divest from the War Machine!

In January 2020, a report from Sludge, reported that  Ritu Khanna, Congressman Ro Khanna’s wife, owns approximately $376,000 in stocks in Boeing, Honeywell, Huntington Ingalls, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and United Technologies.  We urge you to sign your name on the Code Pink petition asking Ritu Khanna to honor her husband’s incredible work for […]

A Divided Decision: Pragmatism vs Principles

By Joan Simon, SJPJC Coordinating Council member Recently, the San Jose Peace and Justice Center (SJPJC) was notified that we were nominated to receive a $2,000 grant from a local Whole Foods Market, an Amazon-owned store.  This opportunity was presented to the SJPJC Coordinating Council for discussion.  The Coordinating Council members weighed in on whether […]

Every Vote Must Be Counted!

by Wendy Greenfield, Jewish Voice for Peace South Bay Jewish Voice for Peace is endorsing the “Count All Votes” day of action on November 4th at San Jose City Hall.  It is increasingly clear that we we are not likely to know the results of the elections the night of November 3rd. There have been numerous […]


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