County Democratic Party Calls for Immediate Cease-Fire in Gaza

San Jose, CA — Saturday, January 13, 2024 — The Santa Clara County Democratic Party voted late Thursday night to adopt the following resolution:

A Call for Immediate Cease-fire in Gaza and Provision of Humanitarian Aid

WHEREAS we recognize the Holocaust, Nakba and forced displacement of peoples with ties to the Holy Land and attempts to erase their histories; the 17-year closure of Gaza which continues, Hamas’ October 7 attack on Israel, Israel’s four previous bombardments of Gaza and “Dahiya Doctrine” of disproportionate response in civilian areas, and we witness cycles of dehumanization, violence and trauma; and
WHEREAS since October 7, with over 22,000 Palestinians killed in Gaza, 40% of them children; 85% of the 2.2M population made homeless; 90% facing death by disease, injury, or starvation, 50% imminently so with Israel continuing to attack and block delivery of food, water, fuel, electricity, and medicine, a genocide-in-progress for which the U.S. and Californians will be culpable for having provided the right-wing government of Israel with billions of dollars in unconditional military aid and weapons made by California-based companies; and with the Biden administration, despite outcry from 700+ staffers and appointees, violating its own stated policy to protect civilians from war crimes and vetoing numerous resolutions at the U.N. for humanitarian cease-fire; and
WHEREAS hostilities in the region have fueled a rise in bigotry and hate crimes against Arab, Muslim, Palestinian and Jewish residents in California and the U.S.; and the ongoing mass violence in Gaza has garnered Israel widespread condemnation internationally, and outraged many U.S. voters; and related hostilities are being escalated in other countries in the region, making us all increasingly unsafe;
THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the Santa Clara County Democratic Party calls upon the U.S. to do everything in its power to bring about an immediate cease-fire, humanitarian aid to Gaza and safe release of hostages and prisoners on both sides; and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that we urge policymakers and the White House to condition U.S. military assistance to Israel on preservation of Palestinian human rights; to redirect many billions of dollars of overall U.S. military aid toward humanitarian aid, life-affirming services, education, healthcare and diplomacy both here and abroad; and to press all parties to create a framework for a lasting peace that gives all in Israel/Palestine equal citizenship rights and human rights, fosters people’s self-determination, democratic participation and economic opportunity; addresses unjust displacements and strives to interrupt and reverse this cycle of violence, mass human suffering and traumatization.

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