Urgent: Pressure Our Reps to Call for a Ceasefire

Over two million Palestinians trapped in Gaza are living through genocide, as Israel bombs, starves, and displaces them. But of the four South Bay Congressional representatives, only Ro Khanna has joined the call for a ceasefire.

We need to flood our representatives with calls, emails, and letters until they call for a ceasefire! Please call or write today:

Zoe Lofgren

San Jose office: 408-271-8700

Washington office: 202-225-3072

Email for constituents

Anna Eshoo

Palo Alto office: (650) 323-2984

Washington office: (202) 225-8104

Email for constituents

Jimmy Panetta

San Jose office: (408) 960-0333

Washington office: (202) 225-2861

Email for constituents

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