Palestine v. Biden on Genocide in Federal Court, Oakland

On Friday, January 26, a hearing on a lawsuit “Defense for Children International – Palestine v. Biden” was held at the Federal Court in Oakland, CA.  This lawsuit was filed last November by The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), on behalf of the Palestinian Human Rights groups and individuals.

Plaintiffs gave testimony for nearly three hours. One unique expert witness was Barry Trachtenberg, a professor of Jewish history and author of two books about the Holocaust.  He told the court, “We’re watching the genocide unfold as we speak.”

U.S. Judge Jeffrey S. White stated the impact of Israel’s war on Palestinian civilians and the U.S. government’s support for it.  He also pointed out the court might not have the authority to rule on this case.  But he told the plaintiffs. “I’m going to take it extremely seriously.”

Here’s a link to photos of the event taken by Len and Nancy.

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