February Angelversary: Remembering Three Fathers from San Jose killed by police in our community

Black background with an image of a burning white candle that has a red rose and a golden cross on the front. Text: Candlelight Vigil Remembering Those Who Lost Their Lives To Police Violence. 
Details of the event are included below in the blog post.
Three fathers who were killed by police officers.

Come join Laurie, Sharon, Corina, and Regina to remember Rudy Cardenas, Antonio Guzman Lopez, and Phillip Watkins. These families continue to be impacted by the loss of their loved ones at the hands of police officers in San José. This event will be held in front of San José City Hall on Thursday, February 18th at 4:45pm. 

These families suffer every day from the tragic events they were put through. This event and every Angelversary are held “to remind our community that we have our own George Floyds right here” says Laurie Valdez, Antonio Guzman Lopez’s common-law wife.

Say their Names!

Know their Stories!

Rudy Cardenas 43 years old, was a father of 4 loving children. Rudy was killed by a State Narcotics Agent in 2004. State narcotics agents mistook his identity and shot him in the back as he was running away. Rudy Cardenas was unarmed.

Phillip Watkins 23 years old, had a daughter and was engaged to be married. was killed by SJPD Special Ops. According to family members, Watkins was suffering a mental health crisis. He was shot ten times in front of his daughter. Phillip Watkins was unarmed.

Antonio Guzman Lopez 38 years old, was a Mexican National and a loving husband and father. He was killed by SJSU PD after receiving a call saying he was “acting weird” and carrying a knife. He was fatally shot in the back.

Show up for the families and honor the lives of these three fathers! Community support is needed to help raise awareness and put an end to police violence with impunity.

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