TEYA Teach In: Black History and Black Power

By Tomara Hall on behalf of TEYA (Teachers Empowering Youth Activists)

Hi! This is Tomara Hall and I’m inviting you to a Black History Month inspired VIRTUAL Teach In this Friday, February 12th at 5pm. PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE FOR THE EVENT AT bit.ly/TeachInFeb12!

Brown background with the ETEYA logo in the center and an image of a black person with a fist raised and the words Stand up for Justice. Text is reflect on the past. be present in the present. plan for the future. Register beforehand at bit.ly/TeachInFeb12 ZOOM Event Open to all ages. Special thanks to our sponsors The Frandsen Family, The Martine Family, The Schwalenberg Family. Black History & Black Power TEYA Teach In February 12th at 5 pm.

Please post and share the flyer and Instagram image widely with students, families, teachers and community members! Our panelists are:

This event is called “Black History & Black Power: Past, Present & Future”. We aim to help you reflect on our past and reckon with what have been our shortcomings in regards to centering Black people. In addition, we hope you will be present and receptive to the work and advice that our Black leaders have for us. Lastly, when thinking about the future, we look to our Youth Organizers, we will learn from them, and allow them to motivate us into taking action and fighting inequities!

I hope to see you there!

In Solidarity,

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