Indigenous Peoples Day Rally & March October 12, 2020 – 4 pm

A invitation from Dawn/Walking Bird

Peace be to you and yours,

My name is Walking Bird of the Apache and Ohlone nations. My government name is Dawn as in the “rise of a new beginning”. I come from a long line of Indigenous warriors. I am a current member of Oakland Brown Berets, NACCP, and council member for Milpitas North Valley Softball as the Director of Corporate donations. I have a passion to bring awareness to the social and civil injustice to all my black and brown brothers and sisters whether it be spreading the word on social media or hosting Rally’s/Marches such as the Abolish ICE even we had last July. Today, I need your help, I ask all our communities Elder and youth to come together for our Indigenous Peoples Day Rally/March 10.12.2020 4:00 pm at Cal Hills in Milpitas.

  • Let’s unite as one this day and give thanks to ancestors who have crossed over fighting for our land.
  • Let’s do some DISRUPTING! Our Azteca Dancer and Drummers will be on site along with many grass-root organizations.
  • Let’s pray for the Black and Brown brothers and sisters in the justice system getting no justice.
  • Let’s paint our faces with RED handprints for the thousands of black and brown women and children being stolen, rapped, and enslaved every day.
  • Let’s pray for the healing and removal of hate from everyone’s heart.

My goal is to make a change. I formally request that the City of Milpitas adopt 10.12.2020 (AKA Columbus, Rapist, Murderer, POS) an official holiday on the city calendar.

The importance of registering to VOTE and the 2020 Census. With your support, I am POSITIVE we can make a difference in our community.

Events page:
Contact: Dawn Hale-Carrillo
Phone: 408-915-1608

Image of a an indigenous woman holding a baby wrapped in furs. Indigenous People's Day Rally & March, Let's all come together this day to pray for the spirits of our ancestors who were lost to colonization. Date: 10.12.20; Time: 4 pm; Location: Cal Hills - Milipitas City Hall with Facebook link above.
Indigenous People’s Day Rally & March Flyer

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