Thank you, South Bay Materials!

Ashley, from Smiling Roots, a member of the Garden Project

Text: "Thank you South Bay Materials" on a background of garden stuff.

We are so grateful for the generous donation of beautiful pea gravel for winding pathways, rich humus to add bulk density and increase the retention of water and nutrients in the soil, and pavers from the amazing team at South Bay Materials (@southbaymaterials)! The community garden project at the San Jose Peace and Justice Center (@sjpjc) will provide a safe and engaging greenspace to learn and share, access to fruit, herbs, vegetables, and medicinal plants, and support local pollinators and wildlife with native plants for years to come. This vital community support is greatly contributing to the creation of a truly healing horticultural oasis in downtown San Jose.

Please help if you can by donating via WePay/Aplos. Let’s keep growing together!

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