Intern to Coordinating Council Member

Karla Henríquez started volunteering with us during Summer 2020, then interned with us through the Fall Semester. At the December Coordinating Council meeting, Karla was offered a seat on the Coordinating Council because of her ongoing commitment to the Center.

Karla is an ambitious woman who is working toward a degree from San José State University in Justice Studies. In her words, “by being part of the Coordinating Council, I would get the opportunity to hear more community voices and make change happen, no matter how big or small.”

As the most recent addition to the Coordinating Council, Karla has already shown her dedication to moving the Center forward into the next chapter.

Collectively, the Coordinating Council makes decisions and mediates difficulties that arise. Individually, the members are volunteers. The Coordinating Council Members commit to serving the organization at least 10 hours monthly while being conscious of dominant power structures and working to remove structural oppression from the discourse and interactions within the center. Coordinating Council members are also tasked with the overall financial health of the organization and are asked to become a regular donor at whatever level appropriate to their situation.

If interested in being a part of the San José Peace and Justice Center Coordinating Council, you can fill out the Interest Form to share your skills. If you have any questions, please email Michele:

San Jose Peace & Justice Center

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