Migrant Caravan


By SJPJC Intern Kathya

     The migrant caravan is heading towards the United States and Mexico Border. President Donald Trump has already sent out 5,200 troops to the border1. The migrant caravan originally started with 160 people from Honduras. As they made their 2,095 mile trip, more people joined them. These people are fleeing poverty and violence from their native countries.They plan on seeking new opportunities in the United States or Mexico.

     Many of the people want to have opportunities to succeed in life. They want their children to have a better life than they have had. It is unfortunate that they have to go to these extremes. The migrant caravan has been making their trip by foot. They have very limited food access and no shelter as they travel. They are travelling with whatever items they can carry on their backs. No person should have to go to these extremes to be able to have a good life.

     Fortunately, as the migrants crossed through Mexico, President Enrique Pena-Nieto announced the “You Are Home” program2. Migrants were given the opportunity to shelter, jobs, medical attention, and education. Only 111 migrants accepted to be part of this program. The rest of the caravan will try to apply for asylum in the United States.

     Now we hope that the United States will be able to grant some of these migrants asylum. They have made a terrible journey to seek a new life, where they are free from poverty and violence. Their claims for asylum deserved to be heard. Someone needs to help the migrants.

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