My Glowing Magic Beauty Experience

By Neil C., a SJSU Spring 2020 Intern

The Glowing Magic Beauty book release event was something that I would have never decided to attend on my own. I did not know who Khalilah Ramirez was or what she stood for, but when I first met her before the event her presence in the room put a smile on everyone’s face. She cared for everyone that walked into the space and wanted to personally meet every single person. This vibe that I was getting from her made me want to engage with her event and answer my curiosity about her book and the way she lives her life.

Before we get into my thoughts about my experience at her workshop and book signing, let’s get to know who Khalilah Ramirez is and what is the Dance of Peace. Khalilah is an artist, educator, and author from San Jose, California. She is a well-known columnist for Silicon Valley De-bug, a media, community organizing, and entrepreneurial collective based in San Jose, CA. Multiple organizations like San Jose State University, San Jose Museum of Art, Silicon Valley Chamber Music Orchestra, and Sangham Art have all worked with her. She is known as the creator of the performance art called The Dance of Peace. 

What is The Dance of Peace? It makes you curious, right? According to Khalilah’s website,, The Dance of Peace is “designed with the express purpose of contributing beauty, light, joy, and peace to our world through music and movement. It engages the audience by acting as a conduit for harmony. The Dance of Peace has a mission, a vision, and a motto: ‘Peace In Every Heart.'”  Her book Glowing Magic Beauty is about how to achieve beauty, joy, health, and peace in life. The book has stories, techniques, and wisdom that will transform you on how you live your life on a daily basis. This book can be read in one day and you will be able to apply these methods immediately.

When the event started, I thought Khalilah was going to give a brief explanation of her book. Instead, we did activities and exercises that related to her book. She taught us that dancing is a way to express our emotions, and opening our third eye will help us find our inner peace. I love how she was teaching us to move every single body part to dance for peace. When I was dancing it reminded me of how I was as a child; moving my body by going with the flow of the beat of the music or how I was feeling that day. Seeing how everyone was singing along and having fun with each other was a moment that I wish every single person could have enjoyed. After the event it made me see life from a different perspective. Dancing to make myself better and opening my third eye whenever I want to is something that I will use in my everyday life. I now know why Khalilah is known as The Peace Dancer. If you ever get a chance to attend her workshops, read her book, or talk to her in person, she will brighten your day.

Khalilah is hosting another “Glowing Magic Beauty” book release and workshop event this Saturday, March 14th from 3-5 pm at Silicon Valley De-Bug (701 Lenzen Avenue, San Jose, California). This workshop will activate your own personal magic. Expect dance, music, fun, and joy! Practice meditations and exercises from the book, connect with new people, and learn new skills that will add value to your life after the session. One love.

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  1. Khalilah

    Neil, Thank you so much for being there at the event and for all you do to support SJPJC. I loved reading this and getting your insights on the workshop. Sharing this blog and so looking forward to reading more from you in the future. Take care!

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