Cancelled – “What’s In Your Water” Event (3/14/2020)

Message from Judy Adams from WILPF Palo Alto and Peninsula:

The San Jose Peace Center has canceled this Saturday’s event out of concern for public safety in view of the coronavirus situation. We recommend that those who were interested in the program’s details – PFAS and radioactive contamination on or near military bases – should go to for information and three excellent videos about PFAS. The first short video (4 min) is at the top of the left column of the text, an excellent introduction to the long-term public health problem. In the right column, there are two longer videos: the first is an hour from Pat Elder’s March 3 talk in Hawaii about PFAs at bases there. The second, below it, is a 21 min. CNBC video that also has segments with Mr. Elder.

The Military is Contaminating California’s Water, Soil, and Air
The contamination is caused by Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances(PFAS). These deadly “forever chemicals,” and a host of toxic chemicals used on military bases, threaten public health.

For information from Marylia Kelley of Livermore’s Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment), our planned second speaker, go to their website. Of special interest are the Mar. 6, 2020 article “Inside the Fence: Community Tours of the Superfund Cleanup at Livermore Lab” and the article, “Exploding Nuclear Budget: The Just-Released Numbers for New Bombs,” posted Feb. 27, 2020, by Joseph Rogers, Tri-Valley CAREs, Policy Analyst.

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