Solidarity with Hurricane Eta Victims in Honduras

Images of flooded community of Pimienta, Cortés in northern #Honduras. Photo Credit: Pimienta Informa.

Hurricane Eta struck Honduras on November 3 as a category 4 storm, bringing extreme rainfall and wind speeds up to 150 mph.

Now, two good friends of the Peace and Justice Center are reaching out to ask for help for their loved ones and for the people of Honduras. Human rights activist and San Jose resident Zenaida Velasquez said that the members of the Association of Hondurans of Northern California (AHNCA) set up a GoFundMe site.

“There are people who had been on the roofs of their houses for many days, hungry, cold, and without hope, waiting for a miracle to come for them. Now finally rescued and thanking God for seeing their life saved, they are facing a reality without a roof, without a blanket to warm themselves and with nothing to eat. They are also facing the covid19 pandemic and without medicines in health centers.”

Dana Frank, professor emerita of History at the University of Santa Cruz and author of The Long Honduran Night, spoke at the Peace & Justice Center last year. She is asking for support for her extended family in Honduras, She writes, “This family been on the front lines of the resistance since day one of the 2009 coup. Now they are without water and electricity or any government or outside aid, trying to clean up six feet of poisonous brown sludge–all in the context of COVID, a destroyed health care system, and a repressive dictatorship from which hundreds of millions in COVID aid have disappeared.”

The Honduras Solidarity Network also set up a fund for community-based groups.

This is the time for solidarity. Please give generously, every little bit helps!

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