Who Are We?

Welcome to the San Jose Peace & Justice Center’s new blog!
You may be surprised to  know that the San Jose Peace & Justice Center has been around for over fifty years.  Over the years, we’ve been part of various struggles for peace and justice.  We’ve worked for nuclear disarmament and protested against the Vietnam War.  We’ve campaigned against apartheid in South Africa and fought against U.S. military involvement in Central America.
Currently, we are focused on ending the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.  We are also campaigning against San Jose-based Jeppessen’s involvement in CIA torture flights, and we support local struggles for justice in the South Bay.  In the past year, we have participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr. commemoration at the King Library, initiated the first annual San Jose Peace & Justice Center Peace and Justice Award,  and initiated 48 South 7th, our TV program on San Jose cable channel 15.  We also protested Condoleeza Rice’s talk at the San Jose Center for the Performing Arts, co-sponsored the May 1st march for immigrant rights, mobilized South Bay support for the historic community-labor boycott of an Israeli ship at the Port of Oakland, and gathered numerous handwritten letters to our Congress members to stop funding the war in Afghanistan.
We hope that this new blog will be a forum for South Bay community members to read about and discuss important peace and justice issues.  Would you like to write a post for the blog?  Let us know in the comments below.

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