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December 18, 2018
Dear Friends,
We’re witnessing growing progressive activism across the country—from the election of progressive candidates to the House of Representatives to the wave of Red State teachers’ strikes earlier this year.

Daniela and Yvette, Fall 2018 Volunteers

Here in the South Bay, at the end of last year we pledged to strengthen the San Jose Peace & Justice Center as a resource center for local grassroots organizing. Here are some of our 2018 accomplishments:

  • To help understand white supremacy, patriarchy, and other forms of privilege we held various events including a panel on Diverse Women’s Voices, Bystander Intervention Training (put on by the Council on American-Islamic Relations), and Access for All in Activism and Organizing (put on by our Director Michele Mashburn).
  • While we continued our internship program with San Jose State, we also increased the number of high school volunteers to five. The young volunteers set up the Progressive Youth Collaborative (PYC), through which they hope to engage their peers in “enacting meaningful change in the community.” (See more at
  • One of the joint projects of SJPJC with the PYC is the weekly Community Meal, using food donated from local merchants for a weekly dinner open to all. The Community Meal presents opportunities to engage in the peace economy.
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    Spring 2018 Immigration Relief Project Interns

    We introduced a new “no-fee, pass the hat” model for community groups and individuals wishing to use our space in the Collins House. We have hosted music nights with indy bands, open mic nights, birthday parties, talks on Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Yemen…if you wish to host a gathering, just contact us for more info!
  • The number of groups meeting in the Collins House has increased, including some new groups like Together We Will – San Jose, Prisoners’ Human Rights, Serve the People, the Ambedkar King Study Group, and Democratic Socialists of America.
  • We have strengthened our presence on social media (Facebook and Instagram in particular) and we were finally able to launch our new, updated, WEBSITE ( Visit us on any and all of these platforms and especially in our colorful and comfortable space in the Collins House.

Whether you support us through attendance at events or from afar, we rely on your gifts. We set a goal of $10,000 to raise before March 1, 2019 and need your help to meet that goal.
Individual donors fund almost 100% of our education and advocacy efforts so, once again, we are calling on you to support our efforts. Your donation can help us to expand our outreach and increase justice within our community, as well as help us to purchase necessary equipment to enhance our meeting space. All donations are tax deductible and recurring donations can now be accepted on our Aplos page.

High School Interns Tabling: Thank you Nisha, Prerna and Chloe!!

You can also mail a check to San Jose Peace and Justice Center, 48 S. 7th Street, San Jose, CA 95112. Call us at 408-297-2299 if you have any questions.
We thank you in advance for your ongoing support! Your donation is greatly appreciated.
Looking forward to a new year of hope and struggle.
Michele Mashburn, Director
Charlotte Casey, Treasurer

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